Vasilev, Yuri Nikolaevich (Russian), b. 1950

Yury Vasiliev was born in 1950 in St Petersburg into the family of an artist. As Olga Koshelkova remarked, “his father was a colossal realist artist, no one paints like that nowadays. His works include huge generic pictures, the production of which is terribly complicated.” Vasiliev himself graduated from the Graphic Faculty of the Academy of Art, with his dissertation work becoming the series “Countryside motifs.” In 1978 he became a member of the Union of Artists. He completed a number of creative journeys, to such destinations as Moldvaia (one of his Moldavaian works can be seen in the Pskov exhibition); the Kol peninsula; Turkmenistan; Uzbekistan; Norway; and other countries. He worked in the studio of sailor-artists at the Navy Museum, where some of his works can to this day still be seen. His exhibitions have taken place in Czechoslovakia, Denmark, USA Germany, Mexico and France. The works of Vasiliev are also kept in private collections as well as museums, both Russian and foreign. As Olga Koshelkova points out, “the artist’s work is very worthy, spiritual and pure. They leave you with the feeling of having been in contact with a very intelligent, interesting person, an intellectual. It is akin to a carefully constructed, fluent conversation.”

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Market in Uzbekistan

Market in Uzbekistan



110 x 130 cm

£ 7,638.00

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