Axelrod , Meer (Mark) Moiseevich (Russian), b. 1902

Artist thematic paintings, portraits, landscapes. Worked in the field of theatrical decorative art. The first lessons in drawing received by Mr. Tambov, where his family settled (1916-17 gg.). In 1919, Mr. A. leaves a volunteer in the Red Army, a draftsman working in the Communications Office of the Western Front in Minsk and then in Smolensk. There he continued art education - art room visits Proletkult, led by VF Shtranihom. After the Civil War, A. lives in Minsk. He studied at the Moscow Higher Art on the graphics department. Among his teachers - AP Pavlinov, S. Gerasimov, F. Tabor. Upon graduation he lives and works in Moscow. Member of Society "4 Arts", "GRL", MOSKh. A. - An active participant of many exhibitions. Taught in Vhuteine, Textile Institute. In 1972. Russia held a personal (posthumous) exhibition of the artist, shown later in Leningrad and Smolensk (1973).

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Glass Factory

Glass Factory


Works on Paper: Gouache

33 x 43 cm

£ 4,105.00

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