Vedernikov, Alexander Semenovich (Russian), b. 1898

Alexander Vedernikov (1898-1975)

Born in the town of Gorodets on the river Volga, Vedernikov was at an early age imbued with a love of this, the greatest of all Russian rivers. He began to study painting seriously after the Revolution and established his name as one of the most famous Russian artists.

He began his studies at the Art College in Nizhni-Novgorod (now Gorky) in 1921 where Kuprin was among his teachers. Between 1924-1928, Vedernikov studied at Vkhuten where he became acquainted with the artists Pakulin, Lapshin and most importantly, Alexander Rusakov, who formed part of the "Circle of Artists" group. By this stage living in Leningrad and already a famous artist, Vedernikov began creating his own image of the city's rivers, canals and islands.

He exhibited over twenty times in his home city, eight times in Moscow as well as in other Soviet cities and ultimately in Berlin. Also a brilliant watercolourist, Vedernikovcontinued to paint until his death at the age of 77.

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Anniversary on the Neva

Anniversary on the Neva


Works on Paper: Watercolour


£ 4,000.00

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