Rodchenko, Aleksandr Mikhaylovich (Russian), b. 1891

Born in St. Petersburg 1891. Studied at Kazan Art School 1910-14; Stroganov College 1914-16. Active in Moscow. Member of Moscow Inkhuk 1920-23; LEF 1922-29; Oktyabr 1928-32. Exhibted with Obmokhu; Oktyabr 1930. Important shows include "Magazin", Moscow, 1916; "5x5=25", Moscow, 1921; "First Russian Art Exhibition", Berlin, 1922; "Artists of the Russian Federation over Fifteen years", Moscow, 1933; Taught at Moscow VKhutemas/VKhutein 1920-30; Member of kollegiya (board) of IZO Narkompros 1918. Also a photographer, designer. Author of rigorously designed abstract paintings late 1910s-early 1920s; concentrated on design and photography during 1920s and early 1930s; returned to painting 1930s, producing figurative works and abstract canvases. One of the founding masters of Soviet design. Died in Moscow 1956.

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Documentary "Kinoglaz" (reproduction of original Soviet poster, Moscow 1924)

Documentary "Kinoglaz" (reproduction of original Soviet poster, Moscow 1924)

Unknown Date


40 x 30 cm

£ 50.00

Year 1905

Year 1905

(original 1920s poster, edition 5000)


Vintage Posters

70 x 50 cm

£ 1,670.00

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