Sinepolski, Igor Ivanovich (Ukrainian), b. 1938

Born 1938. Active in Vinnitsa, Ukraine. The paintings featured here, “A boat from the Icebreaker Fyodor Litke” by Sinepolski features the icebreaker Fyodor Litke a Soviet ship which was active in the Arctic until late 1950s. It was built in 1909 in England for the Saint Lawrence River service and initially named C.G.C. Earl Grey after Albert Grey, Governor General of Canada. After four years in Canada it was sold to Russian government and eventually renamed Fyodor Litke in honour of Arctic explorer Fyodor Petrovich Litke. Ship Litke became famous for its Arctic operations in 1932-1935, survived the operations of World War II and was retired in 1958 after nearly 50 years of active service. Unlike conventional icebreakers that crush ice with their own weight from above, Litke belonged to an older generation, relying on ramming and cutting ice with its stern horizontally. For this reason, Litke was uniquely classified as an ice-cutter or icebreaking steamship, rather than a true icebreaker

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A boat from the Icebreaker 'Fyodor Litke'

A boat from the Icebreaker 'Fyodor Litke'


Oil on Canvas

86 x 100 cm

£ 8,000.00

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