Menzies, Hugh Stuart (British), b. 1886

Hugh Stuart Menzies (1886 - 1959) was a British advertising executive. Born in London, in 1922 he set up the Stuart Advertising Agency that worked with contemporary artists of the time such as Edward Bawden, Edward McKnight Kauffer, Ben Nicholson, and Barbara Hepworth. Menzies initially worked for Fortnum and Mason running their Invalid Delicasies Food Department before becoming a copywriter and producing the Commentaries for Fortnum & Mason - a new style of direct mail booklets illustrated by W Hendy, Menzies and Edward Bawden. The Stuart Advertising Agency were commissioned to design the logo of Imperial Airways and some of the Shell on the Road publicity for Shell-Mex. Menzies's business partner, Marcus Brumwell, headed the firm when Menzies retired around 1938-9. Menzies moved with his wife, Elizabeth to Tahiti and later settled in Canada. He died in December 1959 whilst on a cruise near Gibraltar.

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An imaginary cricket game

An imaginary cricket game


Oil on Board

30 x 50 cm

£ 2,500.00

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