Putachad, Khun (Leyland) (Thai)

Putachad Leyland, is a Thai artist whose patrons include Deutsche Bank, Venice.

2001 February 'Colour, Storm, Poems' Putachad held her first major solo exhibition of 47 paintings at the Mall Galleries. A considerable sums were raised for two important charities associated with the exhibition: the Pattaya Orphanage Trust and Population Concern.

2001 May Putachad exhibited 21 paintings at Burgh House in Hampstead.

2001 July Putachad was invited to participate in an exhibition to celebrate a year of 'the Amazing Thailand' at the annual Cultural Festival in Chelsea.

2001 October Putachad concluded her artistic calendar for 2001 with six artists at an intimate private exhibition in Hampstead. The proceeds were given to 'Friends of the Women's Library' (London Guildhall University).

2002 March 'Colour, Light, Poems and Dreams' Putachad was invited to hold a solo show at 'South East', a London venue celebrating the works of new artists. The paintings for the exhibition were produced during visits to Northern Italy and Norway.

2003 March 'Colour Poems: Harmony and Conflict' was held at the Mall Galleries. This collection reveals a gradual stylistic evolution. The work demonstrates further exploration of the possibilities of using colour effects to amplify a range of conflicting emotional states. The essence of post-impressionism and expressionism was re-caste in a new exotic form. Two private view receptions were held in support of Population Concern (recently re-launched as Interact Worldwide) hosted by Lord Mustill who is better known for his influential judgements as a member of the appellate panel of the House of Lords. The second reception raised funds for the Pattaya Orphanage Trust.

2004 September 'Colour Poems in Venice' was hosted by Deutsche Bank in Venice. The exhibition featured a new body of work which revealed a significant shift in style. A series of studies were included which represented classically posed figures inspired by close observation of Michaelangelo's sculptures and his monumental frescoes on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel.

2006 September ‘Colour Poems: Anatomical and Sublime’ was Putachad’s first solo exhibition at the Daleham Gallery, a private exhibition space in Hampstead, London. A new artistic style introduces anatomical forms rhythmically organised into inter-woven grid designs.??Two private view receptions were held in support of Rejoice Foundation UK, an HIV/AIDS charity based in the north of Thailand and the Migraine Trust. Both events were generously supported by the internationally famous Blue Elephant, Thai Restaurant and Singha Beer, UK.

Other charities being supported by Putachad are The Anglo Thai Foundation and The Thai Women’s Organisation (TWO).

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Unknown Date

Works on Paper: Mixed Media

30 x 40 cm

£ 1,500.00

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